The Urgency of Now – Organizing in Black Communities Featuring Samuel D. Cargile

In 2014, we witnessed the mobilization of people across the country in response to the unjustified killings of Black people at the hands of police.  We believe that an informed and engaged constituency is necessary to make substantive change in Black communities.  Hear how members of ABFE’s Board of Directors express the need to invest in Black organizing…now!

Sam Cargile

In 2014, the questionable police shootings of African American males in Ferguson, Staten Island, Cleveland and elsewhere in the US has sparked near unanimous outrage within and across communities in the US.  Just as important, they also have focused attention on the precarious life circumstances that continue to plague most Black communities more than a half a century after passage of the major Federal Civil Rights legislation and programs of The Great Society.

No more!  Now is the time to go “all in” on scaling and spreading the solutions that we have known for many years work.  In particular, up to now, many in our sector with the knowledge and financial resources to make a difference – whether at the national, state or local levels – have simply lacked the courage and conviction to invest in ways that can move whole communities forward.  We cannot wait any longer. . . . The Urgency is Now!

Samuel D. Cargile, Ph.D.
Vice President, Senior Advisor to CEO
Lumina Foundation Indianapolis, IN